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Safety and Insurance at Pro Window Care

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Pro Window Care is licensed to do business in the State of California. We are a fully insured and licensed window cleaning company carrying both Worker’s Compensation and General Liability Insurance Policy.

We have provided professional window cleaning services throughout California, including retail stores, building owners, and management companies, hospitals and hotels, condominiums, and townhome associations as financial institutions.

Safety Meetings

Our office has frequent safety meetings with a daily, weekly, and monthly cadence. All workers must attend safety briefing led by authorized safety officers who are in charge of training. Meetings include anything from ladder training to equipment handling to car safety. In our area of business, ladder safety and equipment handling are of the utmost importance. As our client, you don’t have any mishaps hanging in the air, thanks to safety training.

Hiring Safety

Our office workers are always on the lookout for safety breaches by any crew member at any moment, beginning with new hire interviews. If the candidate qualifies at the interview, they are referred to a medical facility for a thorough physical examination and a full panel drug testing result. Based on those results and our physical strength agenda, driving report check, and background check, we evaluate whether the candidate is a good fit for our team.

We have approved technicians and are ready for employment in federal, military, and airport sites that require successful background checks and high-security clearances.

The objective of our firm is to give our clients the safest and most effective window and facade cleaning services possible. Our uniformed team of competent experts is highly trained and includes the most recent technological, safety, education, and training developments. We will offer you an exceptional quality of professional service at a price that will meet any budget, whether for your apartment or house, company office, or post-construction structure.

You will like the manner we conduct business. So far this year, our Residential & Commercial Division’s objective of “zero accidents” has been accomplished, which is a direct outcome of our professional workers’ dedication to success via safety and preparation.

Safety: Our Priority

Pro Window Care is devoted to offering our clients the finest practices and continually updating our knowledge. This enables us to create an incredibly safe working environment for our staff. For our window cleaning tasks, we choose highly motivated individuals and provide them with specialized training to do their duties with accuracy and safety.

This necessitates OSHA and International Window Cleaners Association (IWCA) safety training. We are devoted to continually monitoring, reviewing, and upgrading our window cleaning procedures and practices to eliminate any risks associated with each work.


Since we’re busy scaling tall buildings, meeting customer demand, and traveling to different locations to work, we must be confident in any situation. Our cleaners also have to deal with fluctuating weather conditions and work on all kinds of buildings.

What if a piece of equipment falls and breaks a window? The customer could sue us for damages. Insurance, however, can offer the best coverage and protect both you and us from any problems — no problems related to bodily injury, medical expenses, and property damage.

Insurance can cover the following risks:

  • Damage to any windows cleaned (if we caused the damage during the cleaning).

  • Any treatment risks if damage or an injury occurs (due to a specific chemical you use).

  • Coverage if a client or pedestrian trips and falls over our equipment.

Reducing business losses lets us focus on the essential things. We can turn all attention to growing the business and building great relationships with customers, resulting in the most productive co-operation.

We have the following insurance:

  • 11 Million General Liability policy

  • $ 1 Million Auto Insurance policy

  • Workman’s Compensation

  • Bonding

If you want to ask more questions about safety & insurance, please make sure to contact us.


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