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What is Pro Window Care's Window Cleaning Process?

Every building’s window cleaning needs are unique. From office high rises to hotels to multi-family residential units, Pro Window Care addresses even the most difficult-to-clean properties. Client satisfaction is assured through a step-by-step approach that is unmatched in the industry:

  • Individual property assessments are made in preparing a proposal

  • A customized work plan is created, so window cleaning teams perform jobs thoroughly, efficiently, and safely

  • Jobs are auto-scheduled and confirmed via email

  • A Supervisor is assigned to each building to monitor all work

  • Each window washer carries a smartphone, allowing our team to respond immediately to any concerns or requests

  • Rapid response is provided for emergencies, special needs, and weather rescheduling

Work Implementation Process

Upon receiving the contract for window cleaning and power washing, Pro Window Care will review the cleaning tasks and suggest a tentative washing schedule for the building, based on the original specifications of the bid submitted.

Once a schedule has been confirmed, Pro Window Care will alert the building management and engineers via email in advance of the cleanings. A suggested window cleaning date is sent to the property manager the month before reconfirming the scheduled date. A final reminder is then sent the business day before the scheduled cleaning.

Upon completion of service, we follow up to ensure the job was completed to the customer’s satisfaction. We take extreme care in documenting the level of service provided to each client to ensure we exceed their expectations.

Contact Us

To learn more about our process and how we work with property managers, hotel executive housekeepers, building owners, developers, general contractors, and project managers, give us a call or message at


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