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Pro Window Care specializes in providing commercial, high-rise, and multi-family property window cleaning and professional pressure washing throughout California. Our team has the expertise, and we utilize professional equipment to clean all types of commercial properties.

Regular Window Washing

In order for your windows to be crystal clear, cleanings should be scheduled 2-3 times per year. By removing external pollutants and preventing hard- to-remove stains, you can save yourself on potential long term issues and future maintenance.

Cleaning Building Windows
Apartment Building

Initial Window Wash

This service best suits windows that haven’t been cleaned for long periods of time. We’ll clean the windows 2 to 3 times to remove build-up which can prevent future integrity issues and maintenance. Let’s get your windows back to great!

Post-Construction Window Cleaning

Glass can scratch very easily and construction projects often put them at risk. With professional equipment, efficient cleaning solutions and our knowledge and expertise in this area, we can ensure the safe handling and removal of things like dried paint, construction mixes, and tape residue.


Window Screen Cleaning

Screens collect all sorts of debris, including wind-blown dirt, insects, pollen, and dust. This makes window screen cleaning not only a matter of cleanliness and aesthetics but also a key driver to better indoor air quality. Thus you'll reduce pollution and let more fresh air in.​

Facade Cleaning

Your facade is the first thing people see when entering, so its important this makes a good first impression. Having your facade professionally cleaned creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for your guests, setting a good tone for the rest of the building and visit.

Hotel Pool

Glass Restoration / Acid Wash

Over time, your windows may become cloudy. This happens due to calcium buildup, which cannot be removed via regular cleaning solutions. Glass restoration service allows you to eliminate these difficult stains and restore your windows clarity and shine.

Power Washing

Pressure washing, also know as power washing, is an efficient way to clean concrete, brick, limestone, and wood surfaces.  The high pressure spray eliminates mold, grime and dirt to keep your property exterior looking fresh and tidy. We pressure wash facades, sidewalks, patios, driveways, etc.

Commercial Power Wash

Interior Window Cleaning

Interior window cleaning is just as important as the exterior, as dust, fingerprints, grease, etc. can accumulate over time. Restoring clarity and cleanliness creates a pleasant atmosphere and provides spotless views.

Caulking and Waterproofing

Pro Window Care offers top-notch caulking and waterproofing services to ensure the durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal of your commercial property. Our skilled team effectively seals gaps and cracks around windows, preventing drafts, moisture infiltration, and potential damage. Trust us to provide long-lasting solutions that enhance occupant comfort, reduce energy costs, and maintain the integrity of your building.

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Solar Panels on Roof

Solar Panel Cleaning

Pro Window Care provides professional solar panel cleaning services to maximize the efficiency and performance of your solar energy system. Our expert team utilizes eco-friendly cleaning solutions and advanced techniques to safely remove dirt, dust, and debris from your solar panels. Regular cleaning ensures optimal energy output, prolongs the lifespan of your panels, and helps you get the most out of your sustainable investment.

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